Need for Speed ProStreet




Drive a Porsche and enjoy burning out


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Need for Speed is always surprising us. Now they offer us the possibility of driving a Porsche through the city at top speed.

In Need for Speed ProStreet, you'll have to push the pedal to the metal to win all races in all styles, win new cars and tune your ride.

The game offers different racing modes: Grip, Drift, Drag or Speed Challenge each game mode is different, and you'll have to push the vehicle to extreme speeds, drive around corners in a controlled slide or battle through a huge field of racers on a famous highway.

Need for Speed ProStreet is different from the rest of the games of the sage we have played lately. For first time in a few years, Need for Speed is not based in illegal races, this time all races take place in closed circuits and the police doesn't appear. That can be good or not, depending the kind of races you like.

Speed and tuning are the most important ingredients in this game that will be loved by all those racing fans out there.

This demo offers two vehicles - Porsche 911 Turbo and Porsche 911 GT3 RS and one circuit: Leipzig.